Living in Switzerland – Information and counselling online  


Migraweb is a service produced by migrants for migrants.

Migraweb offers a wealth of information and useful links about everyday life in Switzerland. We strive to update and add to the information bank in different languages week by week. The information is provided by independent organisations from civil society, by the relevant federal, cantonal or local government offices, as well as by specialists in each field. This information is then translated into migrant languages by our teams of volunteers. These collaborators are all settled migrants from various communities, who are fluent in both their own tongue and in French or German, and who can serve as a bridge between different cultures.
Do you have a question, or need some advice? Are you facing a problem? Are you experiencing a stressful situation, anxiety or violence? Does your daily life seem too much? Migraweb’s online advice and counselling in your mother tongue can be your first stepping stone to finding a solution. We reach out to all migrants and refugees.
The data bank of integration services and courses will help you find the class, event, drop-in or advice centre that you need.  
The Agenda is a directory of events and activities held by communities all over Switzerland. You can advertise your event to a wide audience. 

Participate as a volunteer

We welcome new volunteer translators and online advisers whatever your language. Volunteering provides a way to share your experience of life in Switzerland with others from your community and help them settle. For more information, contact

Migraweb is open to all language communities. If you wish to form a team of translators and online advisors to provide information and advice in a language which is not yet provided, contact .