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Life-long learning

Learning and discovery is not just for young people ! Learn for your well-being and for pleasure.

Education at Pro Senectute

Pro senecute offers good value classes in a wide range of subjects (languages, IT, Internet Multmedia) as well as creative workshops, memory gym or retirement preparation. There are also amateur dramatics groups, music and singing ensembles, games and card clubs.


University of the Third Age

During term-time, University of the Third Age offers a varied programme of conferences and seminars held by professors from different faculties of local universities. 


Admission conditions may vary from one university to another ; in general participants must be 60 years old or be retired; younger partners are also welcome. Members must pay a fee for the academic year and are given priority; non-members may pay an entry fee to participate on a one-off basis.


Other learning opportunities

You will find other educational opportunities locally ; check your local seniors association or with your local council.

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