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In Switzerland, the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) is responsible for the asylum procedure. There are registration centres in Basel, Chiasso, Kreuzlingen and Vallorbe where applicants must go to claim asylum.

During the asylum procedure, the Cantonal authorities are responsible for providing accommodation, support and welfare assistance to asylum seekers. The Swiss Refugee Council (SFH/OSAR) is a non-governmental umbrella organisation which includes different associations and charities that support refugees and asylum seekers in Switzerland (Caritas, EPER/HEKS, OSEO/SAH, Swiss Red Cross, Swiss Federation of Jewish communities). The Swiss Refugee Council defends the interests of refugees and asylum seekers at a national and international level.
In Switzerland, the asylum procedure is very strict and extremely complicated. Knowing how asylum law works and how to complete the paperwork correctly can mean the difference between a positive decision or expulsion from Switzerland.Whatever their legal status, asylum applicants, refugees, persons provisionally admitted, failed asylum seekers or undocumented migrants will often face complicated and difficult situations. All official letters should be read carefully as the details are very important.
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