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Asylum Procedure

Any person who seeks protection from persecution in Switzerland must claim asylum in one of the registration centres run by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM)  in Basel, Chiasso, Kreuzlingen or Vallorbe. 

Stages of the asylum procedure  

  • Submission of the application 
  • Hearing
  • Legal proceedings and initial decision 
  • Possibility of appeal 
  • Asylum granted or refused, return or expulsion 
The associations and charities who belong to the Swiss Refugee Council can send an independent representative to observe an asylum hearing. These non-governmental organisations, alongside other charitable associations, groups working with foreigners and volunteers, also run legal consultation services for asylum seekers. They also offer employment programmes where they organise integration projects for refugees and asylum seekers.

In this section: Claiming Asylum, Asylum Decision, Appeal, Emergency Assistance, Hearing

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