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Education and Training


Compulsory Education

The Swiss Constitution guarantees the right to attend school to children of asylum seekers (nine years of schooling). Exceptions may be granted only if the children are staying temporarily in a commune (Gemeinde / comune).
Children of families receiving emergency assistance provided to rejected asylum seekers or those who have received a decision to dismiss without entering into the substance of the case have the right to attend school.

Post-compulsory Education

All schools and training courses for further studies after the completion of compulsory education are open to asylum seekers who are eligible and meet the requirements. 
Please note
Only recognised refugees have the right to educational or training grants, after five years of residence. Asylum seekers and those temporarily admitted are not entitled to claim these grants.

Vocational Training (Apprenticeship)

An asylum seeker or a person temporarily admitted wishing to enter into a contract for an apprenticeship is subject to the same restrictions as govern access to the employment market.
Refugees have the same rights as Swiss nationals or established foreign residents.

Specific offers in the field of asylum

In certain cantons, adolescent asylum seekers may follow courses within the framework of a structured daily schedule aimed at young people. This provides them with basic training in different branches involving practical skills.
Free language classes are often offered in many centres for refugees, communes (Gemeinde / comune) or parishes, often run by volunteers. These language classes are funded for recognised refugees.

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