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Family reunion

The possibility for family reunion depends on the person's status.

Asylum seekers

During the asylum claim, asylum seekers do not have the right to bring their family to join them in Switzerland. If family members follow the asylum seekers to Switzerland, they must claim asylum in their own right. 

Recognised refugees

Recognised refugees who hold a B or C permit have the right to family reunion, that is to bring their spouse and children under 18 to join them in Switzerland. There is no financial restriction - a request can be made even if the person concerned does not earn enough for their family's upkeep. Requests for family reunion are made at the Office for Migration of your local canton.  

Temporary admission

Holders of F permit (temporary admission) can request family reunion at the earliest after 3 years of temoprary admission. If the childern are at that point in time under 12 years old, there is a 5 year periode for requesting a family reunion. If the children are over 12 years old the periode is of 12 months.
There is a requirement that the family members live in the same household, that appropriate accommodation is available and that the family will not depend on social assistance.

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