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Asylum seekers and refugees have the right to get married or divorced in Switzerland. Their marriages or divorces are governed by the Swiss Civil Code. The conditions for a marriage license also take into account the requirements of the law on foreign nationals. In addition, a divorce may have consequences for migrants that are linked to the law foreign nationals. For further details, see the topic Marriage and Partnership.

Following the provisions of the new law on foreign nationals, requests for a marriage license for a union between an asylum seeker on the one hand and a Swiss national, European Union national or a foreigner holding a C (settlement) permit on the other hand are now examined in depth. The registry office may take several months to carry out these checks.

Please note
If the registrars suspect a marriage of convenience, they are required to refuse to carry out the ceremony. This happens on a regular basis.

Asylum seekers are only protected from expulsion once the marriage license has been granted and a date has been fixed for the ceremony. Until this stage has been reached, an asylum seeker wishing to marry can still be deported.

Before the marriage has taken place, a change of canton is generally not permitted. After the marriage, the Federal Office of Migration automatically starts the reallocation of one spouse to the canton of the other.

Certain registry offices retain foreign passports to send them to the Office of Federal Migration.

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