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According to the estimations, between 100'000 and 180'000 people living illegally work in Switzerland. Living conditions for the “illegal immigrants” are difficult in this country. The daily life of these “Sans-Papier” is usually complicated. Consultation services exist in Aarau, Basel, Bern, Delemont, Geneva and Zurich in order help them.  

Many “Sans-Papiers” come from what we call third countries – Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Ex-Yugoslavia or from the Phillipines – and thus occupy unqualified jobs. The reason is that the Law on foreigner leaves them little or no hope of obtaining regularization for their stay in Switzerland.
More and more oftenly, these “Sans-Papiers“ are asylum-seekers. The unregistered, dismissed asylum applicants or those, whose temporary permit has been revoked, thusly illicitly live, voluntarily or not, in Switzerland.

The right to formation

The children of “Sans-Papiers“ have the right to attend public schools. There is no exchange of information between the schools and the immigration authorities.

Help in case of an emergency

“Sans-Papiers” do not have the right to social aid. However, according to Swiss constitution, they have the right to aid in case of an emergency. But seeing that the concerned parties must file a report to the authorities on the amounts used for the emergency aid, the danger of them being rapidly arrested and expelled is high. As a “Sans-Papiers”, the best thing to do is to ask for advice from a consultation service that can help you.

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