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Professional Training

Professional training provides an opening for young people into the world of work and prepares a newly qualified workforce for the country.  

Porfessional training courses are an integral part of the Swiss education system and are adapted to the needs of the labour maket.  A third of young people in Switzerland choose to follow one fo the different forms of initial professional training.

Please note!
People with  long and good working experience in any kind of trades and crafts can aks for a validation of their competences and professional skills. Article 9 and 17 of the Law of vocational training allows migrants who have been working in Switzerland for at least five years to get a paper corresponding to a graudation from apprenticeship training

You can find information related to your interests. There is also lots of information on the internet about specific professions.

In this section: Professional maturity certificate, Vocational training, Careers advice, Professional preparation year, Higher specialist qualifications

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