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Educational Grants and Loans

State-funded Educational grants and Loans are intended to support people in post-16 education : level 2 (senior school, professional colleges) and level 3 (universities and higher professional schools). The course must lead to a state-recognised qualification.

Legislation governing financial support for study and training is made by each Canton, so rules and conditions vary from place to place. Financial support can take the form of grants and/or loans.


Please note          
Parents are expected to support their children through their studies until they are financially independent. Grants are available for families on a low income.
Applications for financial support should be addressed to the local canton’s Educational Grant service. This should be in the canton where the student’s parents are resident. Students over 18 years old who have spent more than 2 years working or looking after a family in another canton should apply in their own canton of residence.
Local Educational Grant services provide information on how to apply.

Educational grants for migrants

International Students (individuals who are residing in Switzerland for study purposes) are not eligible for study grants and loans.


EU citizens

Children of EU citizens living in Switzerland are eligible for educational grants and are subject to the same conditions as Swiss nationals. They should be living in Switzerland with at least one of their parents.
Students from the EU who are employed or self-employed in Switzerland are eligible for grants in the same way as Swiss nationals.   .


Third Country nationals

Holders of a settlement permit (C permit) are eligible for grants in the same way as Swiss nationals.
Holders of other types of residence permits must satisfy various residence conditions.


Other sources of financial support

Some students are eligible for other types of educational support. There are a number of foundations and private funds that provide finance for study and training. Certain local communal councils also offer grants. 


University research Grants

Universities have funds available to support certain types of student or research.   Information is available at the universities themselves. Swiss embassies around the world and the Secretary of State for Education and Research (SER) can also provide information.

Professional and Further Training grants

Swiss Cantonal governments provide various forms of financial support for professional and adult training. Conditions, payment levels and the system in place vary from canton to canton. Most cantons require the course to lead to a recognised qualification and to have a professional purpose.

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