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As a foreign couple or bi-national, you are subject to Swiss matrimonial law, when you have your home in Switzerland. The spouses have equal rights and weigh all their personal interests with those of the couple.

Spouses mutually agree:

  • To ensure the prosperity of the couple and provide all maintenance and education of children
  • To help each other and remain faithful to each other.
  • To contribute all to the maintenance of the family. They agree with the way everyone contributes, especially thru paid work, the care they devote to children and domestic work. Each of the two, in the limit means of the couple, is entitled to an amount at his disposal as pocket money.
  • To inform one another about their income, assets and debts. If necessary, this right can be claimed through the courts.

The spouses choose together the common home.

The lease agreement of the family house can be terminated only by mutual agreement or with the express consent of the spouse.
By mutual agreement, it is also possible for the couple to form two homes.

Bi-national couples are required to live in the same household until the establishment of a residence permit, if the husband or wife originates from a third country (if he is not from the EU/ ALEE). Leaving together is a necessary condition as foundation of the right of residence under the frame of family reunification.

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