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The spouses together take care of maintenance of the family, according to matrimonial law. They agree on the contribution of each, including payments, purchases of the household, the care of children or help to achieve professional or business of each party.

Used to cover family needs

  • Wages from the jobs
  • Income from pensions
  • Investment income or of insurance
  • If necessary, the amount of the fortune

Amounts of wealth from children can be levied to cover their needs. However, only with the consent of the guardianship authority. If revenues are insufficient to cover the needs, social welfare may be sought from the municipality of residence. A package will be calculated and funded by the standards CSIAS, if the amount required to meet needs is superior to income received.
See social insurance and social welfare.

Budget advice

To determine the normal standard of living, a common and realistic budget must be established. To get help, take contact with a company affiliated with ASSOF (Swiss community social insurance).

Pocket money

Each spouse has legal right to a freely usable amount of pocket money. These amounts will be calculated in consideration of revenues.

Duty to Inform

In order to protect their interests, each spouse has an obligation, legally, to inform the other of his income, his wealth or his debts. If necessary, they must do so in writing. For example: bank records, credit agreements etc.. This right is due before a court, particularly in the context of a procedure to protect marriage.

Liability in case of debts

The couple is jointly liable for debts if they were acquired together and that both parties have signed an acknowledgment of debt or debts that were used to finance the livelihood of both.
If one partner incurs a debt to cover his personal needs, the other is not liable, provided he or she is not mentioned also as debtor and he or she has not signed any acknowledgement of debt.
Provided they do not live separated, both partners are responsible for all debts relating to rent, health insurance and taxes.
Consult a consulting service for debts if you have any questions.

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