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Being a parent

The Swiss Code defines the duties of parents as following: Parents determine the care for the child; supervise his/her education in the child’s interests and make all necessary decisions, subject to their own capacity.

They are required to raise the child according to their abilities and their means and they have the duty to promote and protect his or her mental, moral and physical development.
Parents must give the child, especially one who is suffering from physical or mental difficulties, an appropriate education and professional training, corresponding as closely as possible to his/her interests and abilities.
To this end, parents must collaborate appropriately with the school and, when circumstances require it, with public institutions and child protection services.
Please note!
If a child's development is at risk and parents do not take appropriate action or are unable to do so, the tutelary authority takes
the necessary measures to protect the child.
Parents are expected to provide for the child and consequently accept the cost of his care, education and training and protection.
If a child works or has his own resources, parents’ obligation to accept the cost of looking after him are reduced.                              

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