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Money and finances

Even if usually talk about it, money is an important topic in Switzerland. Life is expensive and, at first glance, anything dealing with money or finances seems complicated. Financial affairs: payments, savings, investment, credits, etc., are dealt with through the Swiss Post, banks and specific financial institutions.

  • How do I open an account?
  • What are my saving possibilities?
  • What about consumer credit and leasing?
  • How do I send money back home?
  • What is to be done when indebted?
These are some of the questions that these pages will try and answer.

Bank or Swiss Post?

Apart from the Swiss Post, a substantial number of banks and financial institutions offer you their services and diverse financial products. It is therefore important for you to choose knowingly and keep your personal needs in mind.
The Swiss Post is not a bank, but it offers a series of financial services in all of their post offices. Certain taxes, such as account keeping fees, are lower with the Post.

In this section: Account, Budget, Loans and credit, Debts, Saving, Payments, Currency