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Bank or postal account

In order to get through daily life in Switzerland, a bank or postal account is indispensable. Salaries are generally paid in an account. It will give you access to ATMs day and night. 

Opening an account

You have the possibility to open a private account in each bank or post office branch. You must go to the counter in person with your ID card and answer a certain number of questions concerning your financial situation.
 To open an account, be sure to take your passport or ID card as well as your permit or resident.

Debit card

Upon opening an account, you will receive a bank card respectively a postal card with which you can withdraw money feeless at a an ATM or “Bancomat” respectively postal ATM or “Postomat”.
At the cost of a modest annual tax, you have the possibility to order a Maestro Card (bank) or PostFinance Card which come with pin codes. These allow you to withdraw money from all cash machines.
Warning !
For certain services (for example, the account keeping and the PostFinance Card), postal taxes are lower than bank taxes. Compare theses taxes whilst keeping in mind your personal needs.


Banks and the Post also offer their clients internet access to their accounts. You can thus make your payments and check your account online at any time of the day.


If you organise your banking or postal transaction online, you save money.

Special accounts

Accounts with advantageous conditions are also offered. Children, adolescents, young adults or retired individuals benefit from higher interest rates and lower account keeping costs.
Warning !
Compare the different bank and postal account offers according to interest rates and account keeping fees.

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