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In Switzerland, indebtedness or over-indebtedness is affecting an increasing number of people pf all ages and in all social conditions. Act now! Get help from debt counseling centers that exist throughout Switzerland.

Bad solutions

Commercial societies of debt management: do not be tempted by these societies that offer their services in small ads. You risk losing a lot of money without necessarily getting rid of your debts.
Consumer credit: In the short run, you can offer yourself a certain things, but you will increase your debts. The budgets that small credit institutions establish are rarely realistic in your case. 
Leasing: You not only pay for the leasing (the purchase price and interest), but for the costly insurance as well. In addition, if you you want to get out of the contract before its term, you will have to pay considerable extra costs.
Credit cards: If your account is overdraft at the end of the month, you will pay 15% interest.
Client cards: These cards promise discounts, but if you cannot pay the bill of the current month, you will be billed with interest. In addition, the debt collection in is at your own expense at a debt-collection agency.  
Beware of debt-collection agencies!
Often, enterprises and shops delegate debt collection and late payments to collection agencies at the limit of legality and illegality. Seek counseling if you receive an overrated bill from a collection agency.  

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