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Medical Care

When you fall ill, your family doctor (general practitioner) is your first partner.  In Switzerland, family doctors look after basic medical care. 

If necessary, your doctor will refer you to a specialist or to hospital.  Even though it is possible to consult a specialist yourself, it is recommended to first visit a general practicioner for an initial diagnosis. 

If there is no emergency or accident, always go first to your family doctor.  It is often unnecessary to go to hospital as the your doctor will provide the immediate care and can decide if it is necessary to see a specialist.  


Please note!
Asylum seekers who fall ill must first inform staff at their centre or residence.  Staff will contact a doctor if necessary.  


Why get a doctor's referral to see a specialist?

You may see a specialist of your own choice.  However, read carefully your insurance policy - you may end up paying the costs yourself!  Yo may also have to wait a long time before getting an appointment without a family doctor referral. 

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