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Healthy Eating

 Eating a balanced diet is central to overall good health and well being.

Health Tip
The key to a healthy diet is to balance foods from each group (fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy, cereals) and to reduce salt, sugar and fats.  The Food Pyramid (see link below) will help you plan a balanced diet.
Doctors recommend 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day.  In Switzerland you will find a wide variety of  fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, milk products, beans and cereals on offer.  It is easy to eat all kinds of food healthily.  Whether you prefer Swiss, European, Mediterranean, African or Asian food, you will find all the necessary ingredients, spices and flavours in markets, supermarkets or specialist shops.   
In Switzerland, food packaging must indicate the ingredients and the source of the products.  Read food packaging carefully to keep track of your of sugar and salt intake.


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