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Home Help and Care

In Switzerland, medical treatment and care is widely available in the community as well as in hospital. Family doctors are in charge of medical treatment; care is provided by home care services known as “Spitex”. 

Spitex is available for
  • people who return home from hospital after illness or operation and who need continued professional care
  • elderly people living in their own home but who need help with housework
  • people who need help with housework as a result of an illness
  • pregnant women who must remain inactive
  • mothers needing additional help after the birth of a child
  • parents with a sick child needing additional help 

Service providers will :
  • give appropriate care and nursing
  • help with housework and cleaning
  • organise a meal service
Home care services are run by both private and state-subsidised organisations. 


There is an umbrella group representing all non-profit home care organisations, grouping 650 local SPITEX organisations. These employ some 27,000 people.  

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