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All the drugs and medicines available in Switzerland are on sale in pharmacies. Certain drugstores sell only over-the-counter medication (non-prescription medicines).

Usually, patients get a prescription from the doctor and then must buy the medication in a pharmacy. However, some doctors (mostly in the German part of Switzerland) give the medicine directly to the patient. 
Medication is an important part of your treatment and you should take care. Follow dosages and instructions carefully. Do not ask your doctor for medication that you do not intend to use. Check with your doctor before stopping any treatment. 
All medication has a limited life and you shouldn’t keep it at home after its use-by date. You can take an unused medicines, creams, pills etc back to the pharmacy for safe disposal.
Please note !
Drugs are prescribed for your own treatment only. Do not give any medication to other people.



For common health problems, you may wish to buy treatment yourself. There is a wide choice of medication for sale over the counter in pharmacies and drugstores. Pharmacy staff can often advise on the best product for you. 
Get professional advice and if your symptoms do not go away, consult a doctor. 
Swiss authorities do not recommend buying medicine on the internet.  

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