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Accident and emergency services are open in hospitals 24 hours a day. They are for serious situations where life is at risk. Always contact your family doctor, even in case of an emergency. If you cannot reach your own doctor, call the local medical hotline (the number is on your doctor’s answer message). 

Emergency services treat the most urgent cases first. Less serious cases have to wait, sometimes some hours.    Avoid a long wait and save emergency services for real emergencies. Make an appointment with your doctor or speak to the local medical hotline.


Medical telephone hotline

You can speak to medical staff 24 hours a day on local medical hotlines. There is not a unique number to call in Switzerland: each area has a different line. Check for the local number with your doctor, in the newspaper, at a pharmacy or with enquiries 1818.  


If you need an ambulance, call emergency services on 144. 

Please note !
You must pay for a part of ambulance costs yourself. .


Emergency calls

  • Speak slowly and calmly. 
  • State who you are.
  • Say where you are.
  • Explain what has happened.
  • Explain what action has been taken. 

Important telephone numbers

Emergencies 144
Police 117
Fire service 118
Helicopter Rescue REGA 1414
Directory Enquiries 1818


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