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Mental health

Mental illness is very common and a third of the population suffer some kind of mental or emotional disorder at least once in their life. One in ten people are treated in a psychiatric clinic. 

It is very important to get suitable treatment for any kind of mental or emotional disorder. If you need help, there is a very good network of treatment and help available in Switzerland. 


Please note!
Psychiatric treatment – medical consultation and therapy, clinics, outpatient treatment, medicine – are all covered by basic medical insurance. A qualified psychiatric doctor must carry out treatment. 


A maximum of ten psychotherapy sessions are usually reimbursed. Your doctor must justify further sessions (up to 30 per year) in a report to the insurance company’s medical adviser. 


Counselling by a psychologist is not covered by basic insurance except if it is carried out under a doctor’s supervision. Insurance companies offer complementary insurance to cover the costs of psychological counselling. 
If you are feeling in need of someone to talk to, you can call the Helping Hand on 143, a 24-hour helpline.  

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