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Patients are admitted to a hospital by family doctors or other specialists.

Basic health insurance covers all hospital treatment and board in a general ward (shared with other patients) in recognized hospitals and clinics. Departmental doctors are in charge of treatment of patients on their wards, iin conjunction, if necessary, with other specialists. Patients do not choose their doctor unless they have a special complementary insurance (see below). 
Some patients take out additional complementary health insurance covering care in private wards (single room) or semi-private wards (double room). Many complementary insurance policies allow patients to choose a hospital in Switzerland and also to choose their own doctor or specialist. 
Most of the care you receive in hospital is provided by nursing staff. Nurses and doctors work in close cooperation and regularly exchange information. This means that you as a patient are guaranteed the best possible care.
You will find that there are many medical staff who come from abroad or who speak different languages. This makes understanding and intercultural communication easier.  

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