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Many types of addiction are related to misuse of substances such as tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, medicines, etc. There are other types of addictive behaviours, such as compulsive shopping, gambling, electronic or internet games. 

All these types of addiction have some common elements:

  • Addicts lose control over their actions.
  • Addicts need increasing doses to feel an effect.
  • Addicts suffer withdrawal symptoms.
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol has serious consequences on a person’s health, mental health and relationships. Despite the dangers, addicts are unable or unwilling to give up. 

There is a wide variety of help available in Switzerland for addicts and their friends and family. 


There are regular drug and alcohol prevention campaigns. Successful prevention needs support and participation from all society. Schools, colleges, employers, youth and sports clubs and associations as well as parents and friends all play an important role. 

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