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Drinking alcohol, however small the amount, impairs your powers of concentration, judgement and reaction. Your risk of having an accident increases once the level of alcohol in your blood reaches 0.2‰. 1 standard glass of beer (3dl), wine (1dl) or spirits (2cl) each contain this amount of alcohol.

Please note!
This means : No alcohol when driving or when operating machines or dangerous equipment


Risks for children

Even a small amount of alcohol can be harmful to children – they are small and tolerate alcohol much less than adults. Never offer children any alcoholic drink. Adults should show support for prevention campaigns against alcohol abuse intended for children and young people. 


Please note !
Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers should not drink alcohol. 


Heavy use of alcohol has long-term effects

Heavy drinking harms practically all human organs and leads to psychological and social problems. Excessive alcohol consumption is often the cause violence inside and outside the home.


Alcohol dependance

In Switzerland, about half a million people sometimes drink excessively, usually at the weekend. There are substantial risks to themselves and to others. 350,000 regularly drink heavily. Chronic alcohol consumption is the root of physical, mental and social problems. 


If you are worried you are drinking too much, there is free, professional help available. Visit a local alcohol advice office. Services are completely confidential.


Young people

Sale of alcohol is illegal to people under the age of 18. This includes Alco pops.  

Enjoy alcohol risk-free

Men should limit their drinking to 2 standard glasses per day and women 1 standard glass. 

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