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Degrees of integration and decisions relating to the rights of foreign nationals

An individual's efforts to integrate themselves and their relative success in doing so are taken into consideration when decisions are made regarding the rights of foreign nationals.

From the Federal act on foreign nationals (FNA)

The early granting of a C class residency authorisation shall largely depend on the individual's degree of integration. (Art. 34. Abs. 4 FNA)
The degree of integration shall be taken into consideration by the authorities when exercising their discretionary powers as regards removal or expulsion and when the situation calls for a declaration of a ban of entry into Switzerland. (Art. 96 FNA)

From the Article on integration of foreign nationals (OIE)

Authorities may condition the granting and extension of a B class visitor permit or L class long duration visitor permit upon the signing of an integration agreement (Art. 5 OIE)


From the Article relating to admission, visiting and exercise of gainful employment (OASA)

A short-stay authorisation permit may be granted in individual cases of extreme gravity (Art. 31 Abs. 1 OASA)

From the Federal law on the acquisition and revocation of Swiss nationality (LN):

Integration into Swiss society shall be an indispensable condition for the obtaining of Swiss nationality. (Art. 15c LN)

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