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Communities of Muslim belief

Today it is around 400’000 Muslims who live in Switzerland. Only about 15% of them practice their religion.
56% of Muslims in Switzerland are form the Balkans and 20% from Turkey. 75% belong to the Sunni branch. Similarly, the majority of Muslim institutions of Swiss are Sunni and adapted to cultural and linguistic needs of peoples from Albania, Bosni-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Turkey.
Certainly, Muslims in Switzerland seem to form homogenous groups, at first. In reality, they however come from over 100 different countries, speak many languages and have different cultural and societal roots. Most mosques are open to all believers, but it is important for many Muslims to live their belief in the original language

Umbrella organisations

To represent their interest to the public and the authorities, many mosques and Muslims communities came together in recent years as umbrella organisations. The Federation Islamic Organisations of Switzerland (FIOS) currently has 13 Organisations and includes 171 mosques throughout Switzerland. For Muslim communities and Bernese mosques, there is a smaller organisation: KIOS (Koordination der Islamischen Organisationen der Schweiz)

Basic organization rather radical

In 2009, the converted Swiss founded the Islamic Central Council. It represents the basis organisation for Muslims in Switzerland and supports, in the view of Helvetic standards, remarks under a radical Islam. Only active members can make decisions. They are chosen by the leaders of the organisation by a particular process based on a resume and a cover letter. Anyone who supports the projects of the Central Council and pay an annual fee of 50.- can become passive member, without voting right.

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