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School and Religion

Certainly, different cantons put their education system in a Christian-humanist framework. The concept of teaching and teaching aids of public schools however must be neutral from a religious point of view. Private schools by cons are not required to comply to the principle of religious neutrality.

The school acts as a system of rules for the integration of children and adolescents in the Swiss daily life. This means that religious precepts should not prevent their access to kwoledge and training. However to preserve the right to freedom, school life should placed under the sign of religious tolerance.


The Christians holidays, there is no school.

In most cantons, at compulsory school, students of non-Christian religion are given time-off for important religious holidays on parents request.  Sometimes there are “recognized” lists of mandatory non-Christian holidays.
Talk to the class teachers. They can advise at any time

Students must themselves catch-up with missed lessons. 
In post-compulsory level, adolescents themselves can request for a course exmption.

Exemption from certain branches of education

The exemption of certain branches of education is in principle not possible.

Gymnastics and swimming

For gym class, the authorities advise principals and teachers to design the course so that no religious feeling is hurt. In particular, separate showers for both sexes and which can be locked should be made ​​available. Gymnastics and swimming in a set that covers the entire body are in principle permitted.


The field trips, sports and thematic weeks as part of the curriculum, are mandatory for all students. Also in this case, teachers must adjust the environment accordingly: dormitories and showers separated by gender and adherence to dietary prescriptions of the various religions are part of it it.

Parents are generally advised to send request and related informations quite early to the Class teachers.

School branch, Ethic and religion/ Culture and religion

In this branch, the issues of ethics, moral and responsibility are presented and discussed from the point of view, including culture and religion. This teaching belongs to the training mission of the school and is compulsory for all students.

Religion classes

In religion classes, are transmitted content and practices of a particular religion. The attendance of a religion class is optional. In many cantons, the Christian religion classes are held at public school, during after-hours mandatory teaching.

Dress codes

In most townships, there are no specific dress codes for students. The clothes must be appropriate and not to interfere with class participation, or communication.

Food requirements

During school trips and at the canteen non-Christian children have the opportunity to observe the dietary laws of their religion. Vegetarian food  appears on the menu now almost everywhere in Switzerland. Pork meat is reported as standard.

             Dans ce cas aussi, il faut que les parents s'adressent aux maîtres de classe en cas de doute
             In this case too, parents must inform the  class teachers in case of doubt..