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Bases of the recognition of public law

Even if, up until today, only the Christian or Jewish religious communities are recognised by Public Law, the criteria for recognition of public law is not a religious truth.  The latter cannot be evaluated by the cantons because of their state neutrality.

The social significance of the religious community is the decisive criteria for the recognition of law. It includes :
    The general support it enjoys among the general population
     the number of its members
     his collaboration in solving societal problems

For a cooperation with the State to be possible, a certain degree of organisation is however necessary, that is a clear affiliation of the members and the organs that are allowed to interact with the state.

In the Swiss rule of law, moreover, can be recognised only religious communities who accept the authority of the state and the basic constitutional rights, particularly the freedom of religion.

Given the fact that today, around 400,000 Muslims are living in Switzerland; the question will arise in the coming years, of the recognition of Islamic religious communities, provided that they reach a sufficient degree of organisation.

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