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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), sexuality is an integral part of a human being, independent of their age.

The sexual identity of a human being includes:
  • Their biological sex
  • Gender identity (whether a person feels like a man or a woman)
  • Social gender (gender behaviour assigned as feminine or masculine according to criteria determined by culture)
  • Sexual orientation (lasting emotional and sexual attraction or affection for partners of a particular sex)
Sexuality refers to the collection of physical, psychological and social behaviour that goes beyond reproduction and concerns satisfaction of the sexual instinct. It includes desire, eroticism, tenderness and intimacy as well as sexual relations themselves.
This way of seeing things, widespread in Switzerland, means that people can freely enjoy their sexuality without a risk of threat, discrimination or violence and without risk to their health.
As a consequence, political measures have been taken in this country over recent years to better protect the sexual rights of citizens. It is nonetheless inevitable that both Swiss citizens and migrants will continue to re-examine social genders and the attribution of determined roles based on defined traditional and religious concepts and to bring taboos into question.

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