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Changing your insurer

If you are not happy with the service or the prices that your health insurance company provides, you can move to another company. There are different rules for obligatory basic insurance or complementary health insurance. 

Notice and deadlines

You can change each year on 1 January and you must inform your current insurer in writing by 30 November. This is the case for all types of basic insurance (standard, Family Doctor Network etc) and for all levels of franchise and premium.


Be sure to send your withdrawal in time. The letter must arrive before 30 November. 


If you have standard basic insurance, you can also change company on 30 June of each year. In this case, you must inform your insurer by 31 March. 


You can use the standard letters (in a link below) in French, German and Italian.


How to choose a new health insurance company

Compare the different premiums (see website below) and request an offer from the company of your choice. You can write to cancel your insurance before receiving confirmation from the new insurance company. However, the old insurance is only fully cancelled when the new company confirms you are insured.


Please note
Insurance companies are private organisations that operate in their own interests. You may find that they do not respond to your request, especially if they may believe you are elderly or ill. However, all companies are required by law to provide basic health insurance to any client. It is your right to choose an insurer for your basic health insurance, regardless of your age or state of health. 


Changing your optional complementary insurance

Compare the premiums and offers of different companies. There are many subtle differences between the cover on offer, so read the small print!    Do not leave your existing insurance until you receive written confirmation that you are accepted in the new company.   Companies can choose who they wish to give complementary cover and can perform checks on your state of health before insuring you.


Please note
You can take out your basic and complementary insurance with different companies I you choose.   If you decide to change your basic insurance, you do not need to change the complementary insurance. However, you may find that the company charges administrative charges.  


Notice and deadlines

Complementary insurance contracts can be cancelled every year on 31 December. If ther premium has not changed, you must usually give 3 months notice. If premiums have increased, the notice period is shorter. Check your contract for details.  

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