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Health care cover

All basic health insurances are required by law to provide the same cover. 

Treatment is guaranteed in case of:

  • illness
  • accident (if you have no other accident insurance)
  • maternity
  • certain prevention measures.

Health provisions covered comprise:

  • outpatient care given by doctors and specialists such as chiropractors
  • prescription medicine and treatment
  • hospital costs in general wards (canton of residence where treatment is available)
  • home help and care (Spitex system)
  • convalescence home
  • medical rehabilitation measures
  • certain prevention measures (for example many vaccins)


Please note
Doctors or specialists must inform the patient if they prescribe treatment that is not covered by basic health insurance. Check with your doctor if you are not sure!


Please note
You must pay a part of medical costs yourself:
Ordinary franchise: the first CHF 300 per year for adults (CHF 100 for children up to age 18).
10 % of further costs up to a maximum amount of CHF 700 per year (CHF 350 for children up to age 18).


In case of dispute with your health insurer, you can contact the health Insurance Mediation Office.

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