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Saving on health insurance

The monthly premiums of health insurance are increasing every year. Therefore, saving on health insurance is essential for more and more people.

Increase your franchise

In addition to ordinary franchises (300CHF), insurance companies offer higher franchises:
  • Adults (over age 18) 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 francs
  • Children: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 francs
Please note
A higher franchise means your monthly premiums are less expensive. However, you must pay a larger part of your medical costs. Each year, if you need health care, you pay up to your chosen franchise amount. Be sure that you have enough money available in case you fall ill.   Always consult a doctor in time and do not endanger your health by cutting down on consultations. Remember, an early diagnosis can reduce costly treatment and you shouldn’t try to save money on medical costs.

Choose a nominated doctor

Insurance companies demand lower premiums if you agree to limits on which doctor you consult.
HMO clinics: you can join a network of doctors known as HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). These networks group family doctors with specialists and other health professionals in a clinic. 
Family doctor: Within this model, you agree to always consult a nominated family doctor who will refer you to a specialist.

Choose a Bonus Model

You pay an extra 10% on your initial premium and your franchise cannot be increased. The premium is then reduced each year that you do not claim any refund of health costs. Over 5 years, your initial premium could reduce by 50%. This model is only available with the ordinary franchise of 300CHF.
Please note
This type of insurance is only appropriate if you rarely need medical treatment.   Always consult a doctor in time and do not endanger your health by cutting down on consultations. You shouldn’t try to save money on medical costs.

Cancel accident insurance

Employers provide accident insurance (in or out of the workplace) to employees working 8 hours or more per week. Employees can request their personal insurer to cancel the accident element of their health insurance. You should supply your insurer with proof that your employer provides valid accident insurance cover. Your premium is reduced as of the following month.

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