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Optional complementary insurance

You can take out complementary health insurance for provisions that are not covered by basic insurance. Each insurance company offers its own range of provisions and is free to set its own conditions. Usual provisions include: 
  • Free choice of any hospital or clinic in Switzerland
  • Free choice of the hospital doctor who treats you
  • Extra hospital comfort (e.g. private or semi-private room)
  • Alternative medical treatments: (e.g. homeopathy, holistic treatments, herbal and natural medicine, neural medicine, acupuncture and Chinese medicine) as well as treatments offered by therapists not qualified in traditional medicine.
  • Psychotherapy offered by councilors and therapists not qualified in traditional psychiatric medicine
  • Contributions towards home help and care
Please note
Insurance companies can choose who they provide complementary health insurance. They usually will not take anyone over a certain age (55 to 65). Check carefully before you cancel your complementary insurance. 

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