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Accident Insurance

In Switzerland, all people in work, including trainees, apprentices, volunteers, students in technical schools and participants in disability workshops, must be insured by their employer in case of accidents and work-related illness.   
Accident insurance covers health and medical costs as well as loss of earnings in case of accident.  For employees working more than 8 hours a week, they are insured also for non-work related accidents. 

Please note
Private household employees (cleaners, repairs etc.) must also be insured by their employers.  Do not hesitate to check with employers.


Pleas note 
As a rule, people receiving unemployment benefit are also covered.
People who have their own business and freelance workers resident in Switerland, as well as membes of their families who work for the business may choose to contribute to their own accident insurance if they do not have an employer. 

Please note
People not in work (home-makers, children, students, pensioners) must get accident insurance.  They must request their health insurance for accident cover.   

Who provides insurance?

Accident insurance is usually provided by the national Accident Insurance company (CNA) or authorised private insurers (for example SUVA).  

Please note
In case of dispute with your accidents insurance, contact the SUVA ombudsman.

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