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In Switzerland, you can take out insurance against a number of risks and dangers to life, health, property and goods. Some types of insurance cover are compulsory, others are optional.

Insurance companies pay out to help with the financial consequences in case of a "harmful event". A "harmful event" is something that is impossible to predict. We do not know when or if it will ever happen.
Insurance funds are based on the “solidarity principle”.   This means that a large number of individuals pay regular premiums into a fund, which are then used to provide specific benefits to any member who suffers damage or loss. 
You can take out insurance against personal injury, material damage or financial loss.


Premium costs are calculated on the estimated cost of expected damages, plus the insurance company’s administration costs. That is why premiums can vary significantly between insurance companies and between different types of insurance contract.
In certain cases, your actions can influence your premium levels. For example, drivers who never have an accident pay lower premiums on their vehicle insurance (no-claims bonus).
Please note!
Insurance companies may exclude an insured person if he/she does not pay premiums on time. If the insured person does not respond to a written reminder, the insurance company is no longer bound by the contract and does not have to pay any indemnities.

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