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Personal third party liability insurance

Even though it is not a legal obligation, it is strongly recommended to take out personal third party liability insurance. If your actions cause loss or damage to third parties, you may have to pay a very high price. Swiss law recognizes the principle of unlimited liability, which means that compensation claimed can be a lot of money.
You can take out Personal third party liability insurance as an individual or for your whole family.

Family third party liability insurance

Individual insurance covers just the policyholder and family insurance covers the policy holder and all members of the household. Children, teenagers and young adults who are under the responsibility of the policyholder are also insured, even if they no longer live together. For example, students living separately are covered by their parents’ insurance. Household employees are covered for damage caused to third parties during working hours.
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The third party liability insurance will cover
·         compensation in justified claims
·         legal defense costs against unjustified claims.
Please note!
Damage and injury are not covered:
·         If the insured person caused the damage during his work.
·         If it was intentional or premeditated
·         If the insured person causes damage or injury to members of his household.   For example: If a child hurts a friend when they are playing the injury is covered, but if he hurts his brother, the damage is not covered.

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