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Living in Switzerland

In Switzerland, most people live in rented apartments. Lease terms are defined in the law and in your lease contract. Buying an apartment or a villa is expensive and mortgage terms can be very strict. Be sure you are well-informed about finance and mortgages before buying.
You will find useful information and tips as well as essential addresses on these pages.
The Swiss Tenants’ Association (ASLOCA/Mieterverband/ASI) give tenants advice, help and support. You can contact your regional branch.
Landlords are represented by two associations: the Hausverein/HabitatDurable and the HEV (Hauseigentümerverband/Fédération immobilière).

In this section: Moving out, The stakeholders, Moving in, Terminate a tenancy agreement, Tenancy agreement, Rent, In case of problems, Diligence, Relocation, Appartement hunting, Coexistence, Waste and garbage

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