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Leaving a rented apartment

When you leave an appartment, you must leave it as you found it.  You must thoroughly clean and completely empty the whole place.  Don't forget to clear cellar and loft space.  If necessary, carpets or rugs should be cleaned by a specialized cleaning company.

The tenant must repair any damage that is not normal wear and tear before leaving. If you are not sure what you should repair, contact the caretaker or landlord.



If you have any doubts about what you need to repair or replace, the Swiss authorities publish a reasonable lifespan list, explaining when you should replace different fixtures. You can get advice from the Swiss Tenants’ Association.


Please note!
Some tenants try to do repairs themselves instead of employing specialists. The Swiss Tenants’ Association does not recommend Do-It-Yourself  - get a professional job!


Renovation and improvements

The rented apartment should be returned as you found it. If you have undertaken renovation or improvements (carpets, curtains, repainting, etc.), you must get written agreement either from the landlord or from the new tenant that they accept the renovation. 


Exit Inspection

Arrange an appointment with your landlord at least a month before leaving. The landlord and the tenant examine the condition of the apartment and record any defects or damage in a report (even those that are negligible). Together, the parties agree who is liable for any repair costs. It is important that the tenant understands everything that is decided.   Your signature indicates that you agree to possible repair costs.


Please note!
Be careful not to pay for repairs that are not your responsibility. Avoid potential disagreements by checking with the inspection report that was established when you arrived in the apartment. Careful comparison of the two reports, and consideration for reasonable wear and tear, shows who is responsible. Do not sign the report if you disagree. 


If you feel unsure, you can ask a representative of the Swiss Tenants’ Association to assist you.

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