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Termination of a tenancy contract

The contract can be terminated by the tenant and by the landlord. There are strict dates and deadlines when a tenancy can end. These dates, as well as terms of termination, are set out in the tenancy contract.


Termination by the tenant

Tenants must inform the landlord that they wish to leave the property by registered mail.


Please note!
Spouses have equal rights. This means the termination of a contract is valid only if both spouses sign the letter.


Leaving the property before the contract dates

If you wish to leave a rented apartment on a date other than the date mentioned in the contract, you must find a new tenant who is ready to take the lease. The landlord has one month to check that the new tenant can afford the lease and pay the rent. If the landlord is not satisfied, the existing tenant must continue to pay the rent until the end of the contract.


If you want to leave your apartment before the period, get advice from the Swiss Tenants' Association 


Termination by the landlord

When the owner cancels the contract, he is required to use an official form.
For married couples, he must send a form to both spouses in two separate envelopes.


Please note!
In certain circumstances, the owner can terminate a tenancy contrat at short notice, for example when the rent is not paid.
A tenant who receives a notice to quit from their landlord has 30 days to appeal in writing with the local housing arbitration authority. 


If you want to appeal a notice to quit, get help from the Swiss Tenants' Association.

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