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The rent amount is fixed in the contract. Tenants pay rent in advance, which means they pay the rent at the end of each month for the next month.

Rents must not significantly exceed  local market levels. In Switzerland, rents are linked to mortgage rates. They increase and decrease with the interest rate.

Rent Increases

If the landlrod wants to increase the rent because of an increase in the mortgage rate or because he has made significant improvements, tenants must be informed on an official form.


Please note!
If you consider an increase in rent is unjustified, you have 30 days for writing appeal to the local arbitration authority. 
Some housing is subsidized by the state, for example social housing. Here, rules for rent increases are different.


Rent reduction

If mortgage rates decrease, rents should normally lower. You have the right to ask for a rent reduction. Send a registered letter to the landlord arguing your case.

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