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Looking after your apartment

Rented accommodation undergoes normal wear and tear over the years. The expected lifetimes of different apartment fixtures are precisely defined in recognised documents.

It is important to look after your apartment and shared and public areas. If you have any questions related to the laundry facilities, ventilation, heating and other facilities, you should contact your landlord, the estate agent or the caretaker. 


Please note !
If you wish to make improvements (for example painting the walls, laying or replacing carpets, installing a washing machine) you must get written permission from your landlord. 


In case of damage

If your apartment is seriously damaged, you must inform the landlord or caretaker immediately. If you do not hear back quickly from the landlord, it is a good idea to inform him in writing by registered post. 
Please note !
Certain basic repairs are the responsibility of the tenant (up to the value of 150 CHF). This includes replacing things such as the oven hood filter, a shower hose or an electric hob on the cooker. 
Any larger repairs which are not the fault of the tenant are the responsibility of the landlord.   If you are unable to use part of the property during repairs and maintenance works, you can request a rent reduction. 


Please note !
If, as tenant, you are responsible for a breakage or damage, you must pay repair costs, in full or in part. Inform your third party liability insurance provider. 

Obligation to inform your landlord

If your personal situation changes, for example if you get married or divorced, you must inform your landlord. You must also inform the landlord if you wish to sublet or lodge another person in your apartment.