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Neighbour relations

To ensure happy relations, it is important that the residents of a building or a block show mutual respect and follow certain rules. Here are some basic rules.

Night-time quiet

Between 10 pm and 7 am, noise should be kept to a minimum. Be careful to turn down the volume of TVs and music. On Sundays, public holidays and at lunchtime, you should also avoid noisy activity. It is also advisable to inform your neighbors before organizing any party.


Shared and public areas

Entrances, elevators, stairs, laundry rooms, basements and attics, etc. are at the disposal of all tenants. It is important not to block these places and to keep them clean.



In many buildings, there is a laundry schedule. Each tenant is allocated a time in the week when he can use the laundry room.



In some buildings, pets such as dogs or cats are not allowed. The rental contract provides guidance about pets.



In many buildings, it is forbidden to smoke in the stairwell, the elevator or in common rooms. Some apartments are allocated only to non-smokers.


Many of these rules are mentioned in the regulations of the building, or in your tenancy contract. You should read these documents carefully.

If the neighbors are unable to resolve their differences themselves (eg. disputes over noise or disorder), they can contact the caretaker or landlord.

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